How to Get 80 in Each Section in The PTE Exam

Everyone wants to score in the PTE exam but only scoring in the PTE exam does not mean getting the visa to fly. Until you get 79 in each section, you can allow getting a visa that is why it needs smart planning. To score 79 in each section, follow these steps.

  1. Time-wise
  2. Concept wise
  3. Points wise

Time-wise preparation

Time-wise preparation means to decide time or duration that should be based on current level performance. If you are strong and you have sufficient knowledge of the concept, take one month to prepare.

If you are average and you find that you need to brush up on the concept, take two months. If you find that you have to start from scratch, take three months for preparation. For the preparation of one month, you need only tips and tricks.

Now the question will be. Do I need to take any coaching classes?

My answer will be no but if you find that you don’t have the right approach then join any coaching class.

Here, I will strongly suggest to join PTE online coaching in Delhi or best PTE online coaching in Delhi (you can find a certified teacher, high net speed, and officially recommended syllabus to teach in Delhi). The reason is PTE is a computer-based test and getting online coaching makes familiar and gives computer test experience.

Concept wise preparation

Many test-takers do not prepare as per the concept that means they don’t have lesson planning. They pick the topic randomly or in general what they like. This type of preparation does not give a good score on the other hand it takes much time in preparation. So my advice will be to go for lesson planning.

Keep in mind a few points for lesson planning.

  1. The weak part should be given more priority
  2. A strong part should be given less time as compare to others.
  3. There should be time devotion and for each topic.
  4. There should be separate time for each section: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking.

In case you don’t know how to make a concept wise syllabus, you will be left with only one choice that is to join coaching classes. Again my recommendation will be to go with PTE training online in Delhi or PTE course online in Delhi (you can find a certified teacher, high net speed, and officially recommended syllabus to teach in Delhi) though you have offline classes option too. However, because it is a computer-based test, online is better than offline

Points wise preparation

If you have done everything such as time-wise preparation or concept-wise preparation either through offline classes or online training in Delhi but you have not done Points wise preparation, you are incomplete because Points wise preparation gives the idea of scoring and keeps on the right track.

Let us know how to keep track record or how to prepare the band wise.

  1. After foundation, target the month of the exam date.
  2. After the decision of the exam date, fix the number of mock tests. (I would suggest at least 10 mock test)
  3. After fixing the number of tests, start making points of each topic: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking.
  4. Points should be based on the time you devote to each topic, the number of incorrect option, number of correct option, and types of incorrect option
  5. After making points, calculate your Points
  6. After each mock test, check the area of improvement; without covering the error, other tests should not be attempted.

In case you can’t do yourself, you have the option of PTE online classes in Delhi.

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